Bring Ben Solo Back: Rebellions are Built on Hope

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If you ask different people why they want to see Ben Solo’s story continue, you will get all different kinds of answers.

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This is where our imaginations take over. In my movie, Rey walked back into the Skywalker home on Tatooine after she buried the sabers, we see her look into a lighted alcove, curiosity turning to joy. Through the camera lens we see Ben’s hands as he pushes away the Jedi texts, hear the sound of his chair being pushed back, and end with her rushing toward him. She couldn’t lose him when he was alive, there is no chance in the Universe he won’t find her after. Force ghost have become powerful now; can’t wait to see what happens next, even if its just in my own mind.


We need you to write Star Wars films! Move over Dave Filoni!

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