'The Clone Wars' Just Beat out 'Stranger Things' in a Major Way

Originally published at: https://www.farfarawaynews.com/2020/05/16/the-clone-wars-just-beat-out-stranger-things/

For the longest time, Netflix’s popular TV series, Stranger Things, has held the crown for being the most-streamed digital show.

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Impressive, most impressive. And it totally deserved it. The Clone Wars hits on all cylinders as the definitive Star Wars TV series. And unlike Trix cereal, this 3D animated cartoon’s not just for kids. It’s surprisingly oozing with lore and fanciful storytelling that appeals to adults even with multiple rewatches. Any non-Star Wars fan owes it to themselves to check out this series—full stop. Trust me, it will pull you up by the bootstraps and transform you into a lifelong fan. Also, Ahsoka is :fire:!