The Rise of Skywalker Exit Survey: In-Depth Review

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What did you think of The Rise of Skywalker?

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My initial reaction to the movie and what I am taking away from it is an overall sense of satisfaction. My favorite moment was Han and Ben, and my least favorite, sorry to say, were the Leia ones. So sue me. All in all, I feel a sense of relief that this well-beloved story that has been such a huge inspiring part of my own life ended well. Maybe not perfect; are they ever? but I will fill in any missing parts in my own head and heart because it has always, from the very beginning, fired my own imaginations. So happy!


Really good perspective to take that we can fill in the missing parts of the story on our own, a lot of fans aren’t able to do that. And I have to agree, I too loved the Han and Ben scene. I wasn’t always a fan of “Bendemption”, unless they did it right. By having Rey save his life, Leia die to get his attention, and Han coming back to finally bring Ben back to the light was a good way to do it.


I agree! Although the film didn’t agree with some, which is totally fine, I am glad to report that I find it to be my favorite Star Wars film in the entire saga.